At Central, we are very fortunate to have the support of some very good sponsors. Time and again, they have displayed a willingness to support both the community and hockey as a sport. For that we are very grateful.

We would like to thank them….

Canberra Labor Club logo

The Canberra Labor Club – http://www.laborclub.com.au

It is ‘Year 14’ of our association with the Canberra Labor Club, without whose assistance we would struggle to support a Club the size of ours with over 300 players. In these times of tight competition with other sports, the Labor Club are the reason we can stay competitive with our fee structures, which have not changed significantly over a number of years. Please show your support by following Canberra Labor Club at the following links:




Taurus Hockey
Taurus Hockey

Al Kercher (a former Central Player of great skill, who runs the Hockey Shop) has supported Central for many, many years through providing the generous Taurus sponsorship, particularly to our juniors via incentive awards of Taurus hockey equipment.

Podiatry Professionals http://www.podiatryprofessionals.com.au/

Podiatry Professionals through Matt Hotchkis (our current Men’s CL1 team captain) provides funds for uniform to keep our players looking elite and professional. As well as provides podiatry services to Club members at discounted rates.