Skills Videos

Hockey Australia and Ryde Hockey Club have a number of useful YouTube videos on how to perform a number of skills when playing hockey. For your convenience, we have provided links to some of them here:

Choosing a Stick

Stick Length

Trapping and Hitting

Forestick Trap
Stationary Push
Backstick Push
Upright Backstick

Jink Right to Left
Jink Left to Right



Dribbling Freestyle
Running with the ball

Drag Right to Left
Drag Left to Right

Block Tackle

Eliminating a player
2 on 1

Corner Push
Corner Trap

Goal Shooting

Goal Shooting Skills 1
Goal Shooting Skills 2
Goal Shooting Skills 3
Goal Shooting Skills 4


Ryde Hockey Association skills videos

ThanksĀ Gerard Yvanovich for the link