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The junior hockey season is underway and with the increase in matches and training sessions there are bound to be a few sore legs or feet out there. At Podiatry Professionals, our foot specialists manage and treat a wide range of children’s conditions relating to the feet, knees and hips. Children’s foot health is a priority to all parents and a major priority for our podiatrists here at Podiatry Professionals.

There are an array of foot and leg issues that can affect our future Hockeyroos and Kookaburras and early evaluation and management is very important in preventing foot problems later in the season and in life. Don’t let these symptoms continue or worsen with time, call our friendly staff on 6162 1130 to see a podiatrist for an in detail assessment and professional advice. As proud sponsors of Central Hockey Club we offer discounted rates for all Central players!

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CL1 women supporting the big Orange Foot on their best assests